Sacrificing Privacy for Security?

Phones. They are the most useful tool a person could ever ask for. A life companion, this device helps sort our schedule and store our personal information for future use without leaking it to other people. Although computers nowadays can do the same thing (other than calling and texting), a phone can be brought anywhere as it is portable. Since we all keep important details about ourselves (and others), it is best to keep them private so as it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. That is why tech companies always try their best to protect our privacy to ensure customer care. However, all that is going to change.

As many people have heard, a terrorist attack in San Bernardino had killed 14 and injured 22 others. The couple responsible were gunned down by the authorities after pursuing them in a car chase. Currently, the FBI is searching evidence that could give closure to the victims’ families and help in avoiding another assault.

According to them, they can get all the evidence they need by hacking into the assailant, Syed Farook’s phone. The only problem is that an Apple phone is so secure, the Feds can’t even bypass its encryption. If they fail to insert the correct password ten times, the iPhone will proceed to wipe its entire data. Any evidence that could help prevent further threats would vanish in the blink of an eye (well, not exactly). To avoid this, the FBI ordered Apple Inc. to create a “backdoor” for them to hack into the device.

This might actually happen.

In response to this, Apple Inc. has declined to obey that demand as this may, no, not may, but will endanger the privacy of millions of iPhone users. Even if the company only assists them by creating this backdoor just once, there will be times when they would be asked to do it again when a similar case arises. They will continue to be pushed to help them to the point where every phone that runs using iOS will have that very same feature. The government will then have the ability to monitor people’s activities through these iPhones.

The FBI will be watching you! You've been warned!
BEWARE! The FBI will be watching you.

So basically, the government will end up stripping a human’s right to privacy. Something that someone should be able to have. Is this right? No, obviously not. The world would be even more insecure than it already is now. With conflicts constantly enveloping the world, trust does not come easy. With that said, no one would trust just anyone with valuable information that is very tight-knit to his/her life.

Also, we must not rule out the possibility that other entities will be able to hack into these devices if Apple creates this opening for the Feds. In other words, cyber-attacks will happen more frequently as it has become a whole lot easier to hack into an iPhone. The scariest thing that could happen is a terrorist cell knowing your exact location by accessing your phone.

Hacking an iPhone

If Apple is forced to comply with the government’s demand, then other tech companies would also have to follow suit. Every phone that gets manufactured would have a software tailored to the government’s desire. Thus, they can obtain personal data without the user’s permission. Instead of the consumers having full power over their devices, the government will control the way we use our mobile phones. If things get worse, this dilemma might stretch out to other devices.

Now, I’m sure that not everyone thinks the same way regarding this case. Everyone has their own opinions. However, I urge you to consider what could happen if the FBI gets to hack the phone…. and if they can’t.


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