Music Transcends Words

When we were infants, we were bad at expressing our emotions. All we could do was cry when we felt discomfort. As we grew, we learned how to express them through words. It allowed us to communicate with the rest of the world. We got to understand one another, and we made connections along the way. However, sometimes words are not enough to express certain emotions we feel to other people. Sometimes, we are just not good with words even if there was a dictionary placed in front of us.

So, we find other ways to express them. Sure, we could always use our body language. But even that gets misinterpreted. Many people turn to forms of art to better express themselves. Out of the many faces art has, music continues to be the most captivating of them all. In my previous post, I mentioned that each person views each thing differently. Although paintings do get people touched, not everyone will feel the same way. Unlike pictures, music has a way of affecting one’s emotions.

Even though it is normal for humans to be stubborn when hearing words that displease them, they will take their time to listen to the music made by the person who wants his/her feelings to reach them. The melody that comes out from the musician’s instrument is capable of bringing the audience to a whole new world. The musician’s world. That is why many artists say that music transcends words. I know, it sounds cliché. But it’s true.

I’m sure you’ve had that moment when you were watching an emotional scene on the television. You tell yourself, “I’m not gonna cry”. When the background music kicks in, you can’t help but burst into tears. Even if you don’t cry, the scene can leave a mark on you because of the soundtrack played at that moment. Shows like Winter Sonata and Your Lie In April have that element. To be frank, I’m listening to the latter’s OST as I’m typing this post. It gives me inspiration.

If you are watching this video, please pay attention to the symphony. Close your eyes. Relax. Only think of the music. You’ll find yourself in a whole new dimension in no time. You might even find yourself dwelling in the past. Now focus on your emotions. Whenever someone hears music like this, he/she would experience the composer’s feelings. It changes your mood almost instantly. Your emotions would be in sync with the song.

Another remarkable feature about music is that it acts as a bookmark for our memories. When you hear an unforgettable song during your childhood, and you hear it again after decades, it will be a trip down memory lane. You would also remember the feelings you felt during those moments. Joy, sorrow, regret, love. You would feel all this because of that ‘bookmark’. It gives you the ability to slip away from reality momentarily so you can replay those cherished memories in your head over and over. Relive those emotions you felt when it all happened. Thanks to music, you will never forget them.

Music always has an approach to emotions. It stirs them from within our hearts. We sometimes do not understand why we felt them. But these emotions seem very much familiar to us. We sometimes bury our feelings deep within our hearts because we are too afraid to reveal them. When the music reaches us, it brings them out from us. It tells us to expose our true colours. Be it through dancing or singing, music tempts us to let it all out with no remorse.

Music is a part of us. It extends our feelings so we can share them with others. It can create new relationships and strengthen old ones. Music makes the world vibrant and colourful. If anyone were to take that away from us, our lives would be a dull and boring one. We would see everything in a monotone colour. We might lose the ability to feel anything at all.

Music has been a part of our humanity for a long time. It manifests our emotions into something wonderful. It liberates us from being caged in with negative thoughts about the world. It gives us a new lease of life.

That is the beauty of music.


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