Fandoms: The Good, The Bad, and The Obnoxious.

One day, I was browsing the Internet to listen to music. Since I always have a hard time to focus while I blog (or do anything for that matter), I would listen to soundtracks. When I stumbled upon this music called “Megalovania“, I was hooked to it. This theme appeared in the game known as “Undertale“. It probably was not one of those soothing songs you would rather listen to when writing. But I enjoyed it nonetheless. When I found out that this piece has been used in other series (in different variations), it sparked my interest in them.

As I looked up videos on them, I could not help but notice people arguing in the comments section. Most of the time, they would debate on which series was better. I find it rather strange. I understand if they were debating on which version of the song they thought was best (which does happen). But to start throwing insults to one another for liking one series over another, isn’t that going too far?

The more I looked into this, I found out that this was happening because of a group of people who get overly defensive towards something they like and would try to bring anything else down. As I read the comments, this one term kept getting my attention: fandom. A fandom means a community of fans that share the same interests. However, the way these commenters used the word was as if it were a plague. I guess you can call certain fandoms that since a few of them spread like wildfire.

It is normal for fandoms to appear since many people who get devoted to their interests would want to keep the community alive. Even if a popular book series has ended, you would still see people dressing up as their favourite characters from those books. Sometimes, the series might be brought back to life due to popular demand, like Harry Potter. I hear another set of books will be released soon.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Image
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J. K. Rowling

Fandoms can be a good thing. It does give an opportunity for like-minded people to interact and create new friendships. Joining a fandom can help a person release stress and show his/her passion towards something. It can also give an experience unlike any other to a person. Some people might find joining a fandom as an excuse for adults to play dress-up like children. However, that is just a public assumption coming from people who never knew much about them at all. A lot of them think they are misfits of society when they are just individuals like you and me. They are not doing this to find a place in the world. They are merely doing this to have fun. Is that so wrong?

Mario fanart by Der-Reiko

Now, there are also times when these fandoms can get out of hand. When people get obsessed with something unhealthy and form a group about it, it would lead to something horrible. For example, when a crowd becomes a fan of a celebrity. This group would want to know everything they can about their idol. Sometimes, they would go so far as to stalk the person they adore so much. It has happened before. It will happen again. There is no stopping it. Especially since the act of stalking celebrities has become a profession. Yes, I’m talking about you, paparazzi. These sort of things can wreck the lives of those who join them as the lives of others.

Fandoms that have very hardcore members may take it too far. They would think that whatever fandom they’re in is the best and would scorn those that do not agree with them. They would sometimes shout down people who do not think much of the thing they are fanning over. This situation creates a false impression to the public, thus viewing the whole community as freaks. They are not. Well, most of them to say the least.

Most of the time, these people will ruin the experience of others who only have a light interest in a fandom. This action will shoo away casual fans that intend to join them. I think that is why a lot of us are sometimes hesitant to get involved in a fandom. However, not every member of a fandom is like that. A lot of them are fine folk. They will understand if you do not like their fandom. After all, we are allowed opinions, right?

There are many sorts of fandoms out there. Some of them might interest you greatly. Just keep in mind that although you have had a bad experience with a few people in a fandom, it does not mean that their fandom is horrible. I’m not sure if this is a “don’t judge a book by its cover” kind of situation. But the point is, we cannot judge a whole community by the actions of their minority.

So, that’s my thought on fandoms. If you are still unsure what a fandom is, then maybe this video by Saberspark would give you a better understanding.



One thought on “Fandoms: The Good, The Bad, and The Obnoxious.

  1. I think fandoms are scary. Of course, I have about five going strong at the moment, but I believe they can open the door to a lot of evils, and I just like to stay out of the loop of the ones I’m in.


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