Hey, there!

So, it’s been over a month since I posted anything on my site. Wow, time sure flies, huh? I have to apologise for being so quiet this past month. Couldn’t think of anything good to write.

From now on, it may be a little harder for me to commit to my blog like how I did last time. Honestly, I don’t really care much on how many people follow my posts. I blog to refine my writing skills as a hobby. Getting feedback from my readers really help as I am able to learn to become a better writer. But with college getting in the way, I have trouble managing my time. I’m not saying I do not have any time at all to blog, but when you get caught with work, you really get caught with work.

I’m attending college at the moment. I should be studying now, but I’ve felt guilty for not posting anything for so long. But then again, since blogging helps me with my writing, I guess it could be considered as studying.

I had a few blogs I had planned to post last month, but the idea instantly vanishes once I open my computer screen. I might rework on them, or maybe I won’t. Whatever the case, once I learn to manage my time better, I’ll be back blogging as usual.


See you soon, 



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