Through the Glasses

If we were having coffee together, I would be asking you about your eyesight. Why? It’s so I can compare your normal vision with mine. Lately, I keep getting worried about my eyes. Every day, I see the world with a blurred background due to my shortsightedness. I have to wear a pair of spectacles to see faraway objects now.

I have grown accustomed to using my glasses. Although, I try not to rely on them too much. Even as I’m blogging this, I’m not wearing them. I wear the pair only when I have to. Also, my eyes get tired easily when I wear them for a long time. In other words, when I put my glasses on, I get sleepy faster. I hope this is normal. Because if it’s not, then there is something wrong with me.

After wearing them for almost six years, I feel very comfortable wearing my spectacles. I thought as long as I wear them often, my sight won’t get any worse than it is. I don’t wear them too often so as not to strain my eyes. But for some reason, my field of sharp vision seems to be getting shorter.

Wait, I don’t think I said it right. Um.  How do I put this?

Right. I was able to see objects that were 3 metres away from me clearly. Now, I cannot see objects further than 2m in detail. (Keep in mind that this is an example. I’m not sure about the exact radius of my sharp sight.)

So, as you can tell, I’m concerned about my vision. I keep thinking it is getting worse, but when I stop to look at the object that was blurry before, I can see it properly the next day at the same distance. I can’t tell whether my brain is messing with me or my eyes somehow manage to focus on the object. It’s confusing. I thought I had to change the lenses on my glasses. But my Mum told me to do so only if I have a headache while wearing them.

I still get worried, though, whenever I see blurry objects. Sometimes, when my surroundings seem cloudy, I think I’m in a dream. Occasionally, I can’t tell the difference between dreams and reality. But when I wear my glasses, I know I’m awake. Since my eyesight is more or less the same in my dreams as they do in real life, I can tell that I’m conscious when I see everything in “HD”.

Having shortsightedness is not a bad thing. Although, I wish I could have retained my eyesight and perceive the world normally rather than looking at a cloudy mess. For now, I’d keep my glasses on whenever I want to feel “normal”. At least they don’t give me an 8-bit pixelated view of the world.


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